Timber flooring is a popular choice of most homeowners because of its durability, inherent charm and good looks. People choose to install timber flooring because it gives a very warm and comfortable feeling on the feet. Moreover, it not only enhances the look of your space but also makes your place comfortable to live in. Be it your house or commercial building, you are sure to find the timber flooring that will suit your space and liven up your interiors. 

Are you looking for the best timber flooring and have no clue about which one to go for? There are plenty of options available when it comes to timber flooring. Though Cork flooring and Parquetry flooring is also quite satisfying, the timber flooring experts at Moretons recommends installing Hardwood Timber Flooring for better performance and aesthetics. 

Experience the Real Beauty of Real Wood with Hardwood Timber Flooring

Without question, the Hardwood Timber Flooring is an ideal choice for your home as well as office. Even though the Hardwood Timber Flooring is expensive as compared to Cork flooring and Parquetry flooring, it is the popular choice of many property owners. The fact that it’s made from slow-growing trees makes it more expensive. This flooring is beautiful, cumbersome and complicated, and thus justifies the higher cost. If you are looking for the best hardwood timber flooring supplier, trust none other than the exceptional team at Moretons. The Hardwood Timber Flooring that Moretons offers to its customers is the best wood flooring Brisbane

Care Like an Expert for your Hardwood Timber Flooring with Moretons 

Not all hardwood timber floorings are created equal. Since the hardwood timber flooring differs not only in color but also hardness, coatings and floor finishes, the methods of maintenance and the cleaning routines also differ, which leaves the hardwood timber floor owners confused and clueless. 

The experts at Moretons have listed some “To-Do” and “Not-to-Do” things below, to help you care for your Hardwood Timber Flooring. 

To-Do list

  • Clean and sweep the hardwood floors with a soft brush regularly. 
  • Use curtains to protect your floor from direct sunlight.
  • Place doormats at entry doors to prevent dirt from scratching and damaging the floor.
  • Fix anti-scratch pads to the bottom of the furniture.
  • Wipe away any water spills on the floor.
  • If your hardwood timber floor is oiled or lacquered, consider re-oiling or re-lacquering after few years to revitalize its appearance. 
  • If using a vacuum cleaner, ensure that a cleaning head is specially designed for wooden floors.

Not-to-Do list

  • Avoid using a steam mop on the floor as heat can cause the floor to warp. 
  • Don’t drag sharp or heavy objects as it can cause dents and scratches. 
  • Don’t use oil, was or furniture polish and acidic products on your floors.
  • Don’t use excess water to mop a floor as it can cause your floor to swell.

Now that you know enough about the Hardwood Timber Flooring, go ahead and call the reliable team at Moretons for the top quality of materials and unique artistry.

Looking After Hardwood Timber Flooring