Every homeowner wants to preserve the superb, untarnished state of their wooden furniture – its noticeable shine, sophisticated color, and sometimes, even its natural aroma.


To maintain the excellent condition of your furniture, it’s not enough that you know how to keep it clean; you also have to be aware of the things that may harm it so you can protect your furniture pieces.


Things that could harm your wooden furniture:


Water – Water is notorious for causing sometimes irreparable damage to wood. Water and moisture can cause the wood to expand and even decay, over time. Even the smallest amount of water or any type of liquid can leave ugly stains on a wooden surface.


Using coasters on every drink and using placemats each time you eat on a wooden dining table can help you avoid water damage. If you have pets that are not trained yet, prevent them from going near wooden furniture as they may urinate on it. In case of the accidental spill or inevitable dog or cat pee, be alert, don’t let the liquid stay on the surface, and wipe it off right away.


Heat or sunlight – If water can make wood expand, heat can make it shrink. Also, direct sunlight can affect the color of your wooden furniture and make the parts exposed to sunlight noticeably fade.


Don’t place wooden furniture near areas with direct sunlight, such as out in a terrace, in balconies, or near windows.


Pet’s nails – Scratches are something you don’t want on your wood furniture. When the scratches are deep, you might need to hire a professional wood restoration company to fix your furniture for you.


Trimming your pet’s nails regularly will help you from the headache of having to deal with a scratched wooden furniture.


Abrasive cleaning agents – It’s perfectly understandable that you want to keep your furniture germ-free. But refrain from using abrasive agents as they could harm your furniture.


Never use cleaning agents directly on the wood material – apply it on a cloth before rubbing it on the furniture.

Things that May Harm Your Wooden Furniture
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