Telltale Signs That Your Wood Furniture Needs Restoration

Through the decades, there have been innumerable innovations when it comes to home decoration. Waterproof carpets, electric fireplaces, and many other modern advancements. Despite all these changes, though, there are still traditional things that didn’t change – such as the effortless elegance of genuine wood furniture.


Furniture made from real wood can last a lifetime and has a timeless charm. However, even though it can last for a long time, you still have to take care of it properly to preserve its beauty. If you have pieces of antique wooden furniture, the more you need to have it restored.


There are telltale signs that your wood furniture needs to be restored, and one of these signs is that if the finishing on your furniture starts to show noticeable fading. You can try some do it yourself restoration steps, but be careful because if you are not accustomed to doing restaining, you might end up having a furniture that has uneven shades.


Another sign you should watch out for is when you see deep scratches on your furniture. If you live in a home that’s always busy or crowded, you can expect this to happen; especially if you are used to moving your furniture frequently. Call the professionals in wood restoration once you notice deep scratches before the situation worsens.


If you have an antique furniture piece that has missing pieces, it would be best to leave the restoration job to the experts instead of trying to do the restoration yourself. Some antique items are fragile and one wrong move might lead to irrevocable damages.


To prolong the life of your wood furniture, you also have to do some routine maintenance steps at home. You always have to wipe your furniture clean and remove dust with the use of dry, soft cloth. Using wood polish from time to time will also keep your furniture looking handsome.


How to Remove Water Stains on Wood


Water and moisture can cause major damages to wooden furniture, most especially if it was not attended to soon enough. Water can seep beneath the wooden surface and can affect the wood quality, can start the growth of mold, or can make the wood decay.


The key to saving your wooden furniture items from irreparable water damage is to act fast. As soon as you see water getting in contact with the wood, wipe it away.


Regardless of how alert you are when it comes to water damage, there are unavoidable times where water can leave marks on the wooden furniture and you have no other choice but to try so do-it-yourself damage control.


The good news you, there are some simple ways you can try to save your wooden furniture with just simple household items.


Toothpaste – Grab a non-gel toothpaste and apply it on the watermark on the wooden surface. Then, dab the toothpaste on the surface in a circular motion. Leave it for a few minutes. Then, wipe off the toothpaste and apply wood polish on the surface. If the watermarks aren’t gone after a few minutes, you can leave the toothpaste on for as long as 24 hours.


Petroleum Jelly – Get your trusty petroleum jelly and apply it on the affected portion. With a damp cloth, rub in on the surface that’s water damaged and leave it overnight. Wipe off the petroleum jelly the next day.


Baking soda with non-gel toothpaste – Combine equal parts of non-gel toothpaste and baking soda together. Apply the mixture on the affected portion of the wooden furniture and leave it for a few hours. Remove the mixture and apply wood polish to get back the wood’s luster.


If everything else fails, it’s best to call a wood restoration professional to fix the water damage problem.